From 1985 to 2019… Our 70 Year Old Running Fanatic

Hi Stuart, great to meet you! Would you mind introducing yourself to the people who may not know you?

Hi, I’m Stuart Cowan, will be turning 70 two days before this year Cambridge Half Marathon. I live in Bedford with my wife Gilly and have 2 children and two grandchildren

You mentioned that it was your 70th Birthday two days before the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon. To many people that would seem a very impressive age to be running, let alone competing in Half Marathons! Can you tell us a little bit about how you’ve managed to ensure you’ve stayed fit throughout your life?

I’ve been a runner ever since I left school – but in those days I was a hurdler, not a distance runner. I didn’t start distance running until I was in my 30’s but managed to do reasonably well (my personal best half marathon time of 1hr 19 min was set in 1993.


Can you tell us a bit about any specific goals/what you are trying to achieve at the 2019 Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon?

I’m just so pleased to be running my first race as a 70 year old – getting under 2 hours would make for a perfect day!


Fantastic – What a great challenge! You mentioned you ran your first half marathon at the Cambridge event in 1985, how many have you participated in since then and how has the event evolved over the years?

I’ve probably run over 100 half marathons over the years but I haven’t run the Cambridge half since then as we lived abroad for some time – but being here today brings back some great memories!


Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to ahead of the event in March?

I’m really looking forward to enjoying the fabulous sights of Cambridge and I’ve heard that the support along the course is fantastic.


Are any friends and family going to be coming to support you as you run?

There will be a number of friends from my club (Bedford Run Club) and we will all be supporting each other and enjoying the experience together.


Finally, do you have any top tips for people who are taking part?

The top tip to anyone who is perhaps starting their first half is – Don’t Start Too Fast’. It’s easy to get carried away at the beginning but you will suffer later. Start slowly and you will feel so good when you start to overtake people towards the end!

And if I can offer another general tip……as you get older try to keep on running as long as you can. You will get slower of course, but your general health (both physical and mental) will benefit enormously.


That’s great. Thank you so much for your time Stuart, we hope the rest of your training goes well and we look forward to seeing you in March!