How We Help Community Projects…

The eighth edition of the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon is set to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities and provide invaluable support for local causes.

Hundreds of runners are taking part on behalf of Cancer Research UK, the Headline Charity Partner and Alzheimer’s Research, the National Charity Partner. Local charity partners East Anglia Children’s Hospices and Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre also have large teams of supporters running in the event. Scores of other runners will be raising valuable funds for over 30 other charities in the event.

In addition to the financial support the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon generates through our amazing runners, every year we also commit to supporting local projects through the event.

Below are four of the projects we are supporting this year:


CamCRAG is a registered charity which sends regular convoys of volunteers and aid from the Cambridge region to help refugees in Europe. They collect donations of food and clothing, hold fundraising events, fund projects overseas and raise awareness of the refugee crisis.

Every six weeks, they organise weekend trips to a warehouse in Calais run by sister charities, Help Refugees and L’Auberge des Migrants.  There they sort the clothes that have been donated, repair tents, prepare food, chop firewood and distribute aid to refugees.  They support many other groups, both with practical tasks such as preparing food in the kitchens of Refugee Community Kitchen and offering them financial aid.

We will be donating all unclaimed runners’ clothing to CamCRAG. At present, there are hundreds if not thousands of refugees in Northern France trying to cope in freezing conditions.  Warm, waterproof clothing could make a massive difference to someone in a desperate situation.


We have a long-standing relationship with Winter Comfort.  Winter Comfort supports men and women who are homeless or vulnerably housed by offering them vital welfare services and opportunities for learning and training.

We have always made sure that we are supplying Winter Comfort with useful goods following the half marathon, whether this is pasta pots, fruit or clothing.

Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue (CamSAR)

CamSAR began in 2006 and is a charitable organisation run fully by volunteers. As a charity, they receive no centralised government funding for the work they do so fundraising and donations are their life blood.

Vulnerable missing persons can be people of all ages. Those suffering with a mental illness, those that are despondent or even suicidal and those suffering from debilitating illnesses later in life such as dementia. People that many of us know around us.

CamSAR are one of 36 teams around the UK that are members of Lowland Rescue. Like their sister organisations such as Mountain Rescue or the RNLI, they need to have dedicated search kit such as first-aid supplies, radio communications and vehicles to be able to deploy rapidly and be effective.

Every single penny donated by the Saucony Cambridge Half Marathon will help improve the team’s capabilities which ultimately saves lives or on occasions, simply brings closure to families in these very difficult times of a loved one missing.

Improving accessibility in Grantchester

Lastly, a donation from the Community Fund is always put towards improving the lives of residents in and around the Cambridge area. Last year, a donation was made to the new play area at Milton Country Park, this year a donation will be made to Grantchester Parish Council to help support a local project in their area.