Running With Us – Getting-Started

Getting started…where to begin?

So, you’re running in the Cambridge Half Marathon this March! Where to start?

The fact you already have a goal is definitely the first step, this gives you the motivation and the determination to see it through to the end. You’re already ahead of the game if you start the journey now, you are giving yourself a good amount of time to get used to the training, allowing your body to adapt to the training etc. Experience and lifestyle need to be taken into account with your training, we all lead very busy lives with family and work commitments so don’t pile too much on yourself if you know you can’t stick to it, that said, you need to be training around 3 times a week to get the gains and improve your fitness and speed. However, some of these sessions could be in the form of cross training, (it doesn’t have to just be running)  if this is what your body responds well to (for example if you are prone to injury).

‘The Three P’s’ Planning, Patience & Progression!

HAVE A PLAN! How many times a week will you run? What days? Could you make short term goals throughout your training in the lead up to your long term goal? Check out or training plans for beginners, intermediates or experienced!

BE PATIENT! Fitness takes about 6 weeks to bed in, you won’t see or feel instant results but with time and consistency you will! Ensure that your plan allows for PROGRESSION… As your body gets used to running, with adequate rest, it is able to adapt to the load, it is then able to have a little bit more added on. It’s wise to consider a slightly easier week running every 3-4 weeks to allow your body even more time to recover and adapt ready for another phase/load of training.

One thing ‘The Three P’s’ will mean you can avoid are ‘The Terrible Too’s’ – too much, too soon, too fast. This is a sure fire way for an injury to occur, the body can’t handle too much in one go…be sensible!

Get yourself in the right kit, appropriate running apparel, hi-vis gear if necessary and trainers to suit YOU (this is really important). Get yourself down to a recommended running shop that offers gait analysis so they can watch how you run and advise you on the right pair, trainers that work for one runner won’t necessarily work for another so make sure you try on a few pairs to ensure the ones you do pick are comfortable and supportive enough for you.

Remember to enjoy it! Don’t allow running and your training to become a chore, make your runs social, this will help with motivation, perhaps you could plan to run with a friend or have a training partner. Be sensible but keep your runs interesting. Choosing routes that incorporate lots of ‘off road’, such as grass and trail alongside tarmac running is most desirable as the softer surfaces are kinder to the body and joints. Make sure to keep hydrated, eat well, stretch regularly and you will be in a perfect position to run really well in March! Good luck!