TTP Cambridge Half Marathon is committed to becoming more sustainable year-on-year. We have teamed up with Delta-Simons, a specialist environmental consultancy as our Sustainability Partner to develop an Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Strategy for the TTP Cambridge Half Marathon. The ESG Strategy aims to ensure that the event continues to evolve with a focus on ESG and improving sustainability. We will take action to ensure wherever possible that the impact of the event on the community and environment is positive.

We have introduced a number of initiatives to improve the sustainability of the event since its inception in 2012 and welcome feedback from participants to help shape our future journey, as we know there is still more to do. We are very proud of the progress TTP Cambridge Half Marathon has made to become a more sustainable event and the positive contributions it has enabled us to make to local organisations, communities and charities. Explore the sustainability sections of this website to find out more about our ESG initiatives and our future plans.



Keep an eye out for our post-event participant survey and subsequant updates to this page, as we strive to improve our social and environmental performance and keep you updated with our new initiatives. If you have any ideas please get in touch via