We are committed to making our event more sustainable year-on-year. We believe sustainability is much more than recycling and reducing paper – we also want to explore ways we can become more supportive to local businesses, community and charity groups.

Check out some of the great initiatives we rolled out in 2020-22 listed below. You can also read our ESG Statement here including some of our future plans laid out in by independent sustainability consultants – Delta Simons.



1. We contracted Greater Cambridge Waste as well as working alongside the City Council Streetcare Team to guarantee a closed loop recycling scheme, ensuring none of our plastic cups or bottles go to landfill or are shipped overseas.

2. In 2022 we have filling points at the Event HQ and on Drinks Stations 2 & 3 meaning that those who wish to can complete the race without using any ‘single use’ plastic.

3. We have chosen Harrogate Water as bottled water supplier. The key reason being their strong recycling record, for more information visit: and read the plastic bottles section below.

4. A digital Race Information document only available online means we no longer print thousands of race booklets.

5. We provided a reusable goodie bag, switching to a Jute Bag in 2020 to further reduce our impact.

6. Our athlete race packs and goody bags are leaflet free zones.

7. We install clothing bins on Midsummer Common, ensuring that any leftover items from the event are donated to charity.

8. We endeavour to make recycling onsite as easy as possible with clearly signed bins/skips.

9. We offer a local priority scheme and work with the City Council to promote the benefits of taking part in the event and leading a healthier lifestyle through running and physical activity, helping to reduce the strain on the NHS. View Participant Heat Map

10. Events such as the TTP Cambridge Half Marathon are a fantastic opportunity for runners to fundraise and help raise awareness for a charity close to their hearts. Figures from the 2021 race show that over £500,000 was raised for the charities that officially registered through us.



We are trying to transition away from single use plastic bottles. Those of you happy to run with a reusable bottle please bring it along and fill it up from the event village, in the centre of the site. You will then be able to refill it at Drinks Station 2 (6.5 miles) and Drinks Station 3 (9.5 miles).

We understand that not everyone wants to run with a bottle so we have been researching the plastic vs compostable debate, which is a very tricky one. The technology does not currently exist in Cambridgeshire to correctly treat a compostable cup. It goes into a ‘compost-like’ high heat aerobic environment that reduces the mass of the material by approximately 50% over a two month period. The resulting end product is then landfilled as a near-inert and dry material which produces minimal gases (methane) which can then be captured for use. Therefore, those of you without a reusable bottle will be offered a plastic bottle. We have assurances from our refuse partners that ‘closed loop recycling’ will be employed meaning 100% of the cup is recycled, they will not go to landfill and they will not end up in our oceans.

As technology develops we will once again revisit our options making sure we make the right decisions for the right reasons. With your help we can make a difference.



Keep an eye on this page, as we strive to improve our social and environmental performance we’ll keep you updated with our new initiatives. If you have any ideas please get in touch via